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Global Ceramic Textile Market to See Nearly 10% CAGR——The global ceramic textile market size was $74.5 million in 2015.
Published time: 2016-12-21

The global ceramictextile market size was $74.5 million in 2015 and is projected to register acompound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.94% in terms of value between 2016 and2021, according to a recent report available from Research and Markets. Theability of ceramics to contain heat in high-temperature applications will drivethe market. A high number of emerging application industries, such as aerospace and alternate energy, areexpected to boost the ceramic textile market.

Refractory ceramic fiber (RCF) is the largest segment of the ceramictextile market. RCF is a versatile material that can be spun or blown intobulk; air-laid into a blanket; folded into modules; converted into papers,boards, and shapes; die-cut into gaskets; twisted into yarns; woven into ropeand cloth; and blended into liquid binders for mastics and cements.

For moreinformation, visit www.researchandmarkets.com.