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10 Tile Trends of 2016——Many trends for ceramic tile decorating and design were spotted at the recent Cersaie 2016.
Published time: 2016-12-21

Cersaie 2016 wasrecently held in Bologna, Italy, and 94 Tile of Spain companies showcased theirlatest ceramic tile innovations and collections. Tile companies are inspired by thelatest decorating and design trends, including exotics, fragmented designs, brickpatterns, chevrons, lines, art objects, textile inspiration, grays, aquaticlife, and large-format tile.


Tropical styles areonce again gaining ground in the design world. An almost basic white tile iscombined with an exuberance of color and the freshness of a detailed mural,complete with illustrations of exotic plants and birds with colorful plumage.Fresh styles from companies such as Mainzu give spaces an air of happiness and tranquility.


Toying with theidea of modules, Tile of Spain companies have designed patterns that cometogether by pairing differently shaped ceramic tile. The combination ofgeometric forms creates a lived-in effect and kaleidoscope layout, such as inthe Firle Gris collection by Vives Ceramica.

Brick Patterns

This year,brick-style ceramics were a favorite at Cersaie. From micro to macro, glossy torustic, or the reinvention of classic mortar and brick walls, these stylesimitating a natural brick look were popular among companies like Geotiles.


Inspired by an oldtradition brought back by trend hunters, ceramic floor and wall tile areinstalled in a zig-zag pattern in homes for a modern twist. Set in amonochromatic way or contrasting in a herringbone pattern, companies such asRoca Ceramica use various finishes and formats to create an original patternwithout being overpowering.


In 2016, the mostbasic of decorating elements—lines—came back in endless variations. Vertical orhorizontal, continuous or interrupted, and flat or relief, line designs areback; patterns like the Saloni Integra series showcase lines in all of theirsplendor. This design is ideal to add depth or flow to walls where tile is themain attraction.

Art Objects

This trendtransforms ceramic tile into unique pieces to turn spaces into works of art.This design integrates architectural pieces, resulting in sophisticated spaceswithout excessive décor. These contemporary pieces, such as Harmony by Peronda,are the perfect complement for a one-of-a-kind design.

Soft Touch

The versatile mixof textile effects available in Spanish tile can achieve ambiance that renderswarmth to any space. Collections such as Brickbold by Gayafores are excellentat recalling romantic artisan embroidery, seersucker, velvet, patchwork, tweed,brocades, and other fabric-inspired looks to achieve a soft harmony.


While the use ofcolor in decorative trends has increased, grays have always been a designer’sbest friend. The newest designs from Tile of Spain span the spectrum oftones—starting with cooler grays, like the Bluestone Series by Porcelanosa, andgo from slate tones to softer grays and beiges. By adding texture andsuperimposed tones, these tile have an organic feel, proof that color is notalways necessary to convey style.

Aquatic Life

The marine paletteof blues and greens is a perfect way to add a touch of color. Tile of Spaincompanies such as Keros Ceramica exhibit a cooler color spectrum reminiscent ofthe sea and aquatic life.

Large-Format Tile

Ceramic tilecontinue to grow year after year, offering new possibilities for design. Thinbut very large ceramic tile like those found in Levantina can be used to coverlarge surfaces and achieve continuity when installed in a unidirectionalmanner. 

For more information, visit www.cersaie.it/en