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Company 企业简介
About us Culture Production base History

Daugres is a comprehensive home furnishing company providing professional service for ceramic tiles,slabs,sanitary wares,kitchens,furniture,and integral house,etc.

Overall Strategic Layout of Home Furnishing Business

Daugres,with its headquarter in Modena,specializing in high-end ceramic tiles,entered China market in 2001.Daugres now is one of the leading brand in domestic industry.By providing with the latest ceramic products,Daugres introduces the long history ceramic culture and best design to Chinese customers.

With regard to its culture,product design and presentation as well as operation mechanism,Daugres presents fully what an Italian company is doing.Daugres has complete product ranges,including slabs, Marble, Stone, Contemporary, Wood etc, which is a preferred brand for ceramic tile leading a life of high quality to satisfy the diversified and personalized demands of consumers. At present, DAUGRES has established strategic partnership with Capita Land, Yuexiu Property, China Merchants Property, Country Garden, Starbucks, Oppein, Topstrong and Fubao Furnishing Group, etc.

EXTENDED HOME is a new concept of “providing total solutions for home spaces”, which was introduced on the market in 2017 with very defined values.Daugres slabs is the core for Extended Home.It covers product series including living/bath/slabs/kitchen,exerting a profound influence on the modern way of life and ushering in a broader prospect for furnishing industry.

Recently,Daugres successfully built up the strategic cooperation with several famous Italian brands,like antoniolupi for high end bath,Fendi for extreme luxury kitchen,and Scic,etc.

Devote to providing ideal home space for customers

Daugres is a service provider who devotes to providing ideal home space for customers.At present,Daugres has its production platform in Italy and China respectively.Daugres R&D team consists of professional members who have rich experience in new product development.Innovation is the essential standard,and the goal is to spare no effort to meet the customers’ needs.

International Prestige

Daugres cares about the environment and consumers’ health,refused to use any raw-materials that would cause pollution and continued to invest in new materials research.Daugres has been honored with many awards in ceramic industry,such as “Asia Brands Top 500”,“Top 10 Ceramic Brands”,“Most Popular Online Product”,“Dayan”,“Most Popular Brands”,“Best Design”,etc.

Great Sense of Social Responsibility

Daugres’ objective is to become the world’s most prestigious home furnishing enterprise.Besides from providing excellent service to satisfy customers,Daugres has a great sense of social responsibility and actively participated in public welfare undertakings.Every year,Daugres fund is donated to help poor students,basic education,and people with disabilities.Daugres also encourages employees to participate in those projects,so that to build up a newfangled public system.

To Create the Future

Daugres is a product-oriented and an innovation-driven enterprise.A considerable portion of Daugres’ revenues will continue to be channeled into investments for R&D activities in future development. There will be more products with new patterns,new sizes,new categories and those of trendy features.Meanwhile,Daugres will never slow down its speed of innovations in technology,know-how and the exploration of  staffs’ potential.

The accumulated market experience and precipitation technology help Daugres make an increasing influence in the world.There will be a rapid growth for Daugres in coming 10 years.It will undoubtedly become a world -leading and sustainable developing international home furnishing enterprise.